It Is Time to Change the World

It is time to change the world.

The scientists have many answers, but the politicians and business people won’t listen, and won’t let the information be heard.

The businessmen won’t do it, because their main interest is profit, and they do not see the connection between profit and making the world a place for everyone to thrive.

The politicians won’t do it, because their interests lie only in getting re-elected, and they are tied to leaders whose only interest is power. Their love of power will destroy the world, because they do not understand that the only real power is the power of love.

Now, before you jump to the idea that love is just an airy-fairy, sentimental feeling, think again. Love as we use it now is some romantic notion, and the word has been so misused and abused that it means nothing. “Oooh! I love that green jacket!” “I love chocolate.” “Love ya!”

Real love is connection. The connection between atoms, which form molecules. The connection between mother and child. The connection between all humans. The connection between moons and planets, planets and stars. Love is the connective tissue that binds all things together, and when we ignore it, we ignore the fundamental principle that rules the Universe. When we ignore it, we do so at our own peril. Love connects us; hate divides us. But we are still all connected, despite the emotional turmoil of our times.

Everything is connected. People starving in one section of the planet means we are all going to suffer. Cutting down forests to profit the few means we destroy the lungs of the planet, which provide all of us with oxygen. Polluting our oceans means we pollute our future.

It is time to change the world. We are not meant to be a polluted, disease-ridden, oxygen- deprived species floating around on a ruined, decaying planet.

Having money will do nothing for you, if there is no food to eat, no air to breathe, and no water to drink. Having power over a destroyed world will bring you no profit or joy. Love – recognition of the connection of all living things – is the answer. I’m not a big Bible reader, but to those who revel in their money, their profit, their status, their power, and to those who support them, the question should be put to them:

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

It is time to change the world, to create answers and solutions. But they will come at a cost, and we must be willing to pay any price to make these changes. When you truly see the connection between all beings, you cannot hate, you cannot turn away when help is needed. You will want to work to correct the course humanity is on, and thus correct the course of planet Earth.

We are all from the same source – race, religion, culture, economic status – these should not divide us. They are just false constructs. We are all humans, and we should all be stewards for Planet Earth and its inhabitants. The inhabitants are us! We need to be caretakers of all of us. It’s time to change the world.

It is time to change the world. And yes, we can do it. It is a matter of standing up for what is right for all beings, and standing up for the Earth, which is our home.

Who wrote this? A human. One person among many. There is no need for one name, because people will instantly ask, “What does (s)he know? What makes him/her an authority?” The answer is that this idea is not unique to one human. Thousands, probably millions, know this. But in the onslaught of corruption in politics, finance, and various industries, their voices are not heard, and if they are heard, they are ignored. Not only humans, but almost all animals know this truth about love and connection. Among themselves they know this as surely as they know the sun brings light. This knowledge is straight-knowledge, within their cells, connected to the source of things. Humans have the ability to touch such truths, but have ignored it, in favor of power, monetary wealth and pleasures. But this is the Truth. It makes no difference if you believe it. The Truth is true.

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I am a retired teacher, writer and artist. This web site was set up for several reasons. First is to give people a chance to see my art work, and decide if there is something they like enough to contact me. Second is to present my ideas on education and life in general - anything that gets my attention. Feel free to comment in an intelligent manner.
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